About Us

What is a Maternity Voice Partnership?

A Maternity Voice Partnership (MVP) is a group set up for each area with maternity services. The aim is to bring together a group of people with a shared interest in local maternity care provision, including maternity service users (parents and parent representatives) and providers (those working in the service such as midwives). An MVP also includes and advises the local maternity commissioner from the Clinical Commissioning Group on how to make maternity services the best they can be.

Our aim is to bring the voice of the maternity service user to the centre of discussions, taking into consideration how maternity services are working for local people and how the service can be developed to best meet the needs of these users. We are a multi-discipline team, bringing a wealth and breadth of knowledge, experience and perspectives to our work. We are independent of the NHS, chaired by a maternity service user representative, and we aim to have at least one third of our core membership as parent representatives.

Our Vision

We aim to work as an effective, collaborative and dynamic committee of maternity service users, providers and commissioners seeking to ensure that:

  • The wishes, choices and unique physiological, emotional and psychological needs of local women, their partners and babies are placed at the centre of our local maternity services.
  • Our local maternity services are of the highest quality and can be fully accessed by all that need them
  • Local parents know about MVP Queen’s, feel welcome to join, and are aware of how they can become involved

We always aim to be solution-focused in our approach, working alongside others to find solutions to how to make maternity better.

What does MVP Queen’s do?

  • We meet bi-monthly to discuss our local maternity services, looking at how they are working for parents and how they should be developed further
  • We agree on an annual work plan and we work together to make it a reality
  • A number of our service user reps are official Trust volunteers, and regularly do ‘walk the patch’ visits around maternity areas to ensure quality of delivery
  • We seek out, listen to, and respond to the opinions of local parents across all communities within the area served by the Hospital Trust, making extra effort to hear from seldom-heard groups
  • We share best practice with other areas of the Hospital Trust, other MVPs and other interested parties.

So what have you done?

MVP Queen’s has seen change in the areas below:

  • Triage
  • Breastfeeding peer support bring supplied to postnatal wards
  • Partners staying overnight for those needing assistance
  • Walk the patch; hearing first-hand stories and feeding them up straight away
  • Service user stories being shared to help development of staff; whether it’s showing where things have gone well or where there is need for further development
  • Postnatal care
  • The ‘Red book’; MSLC members were involved in redesigning the new book to help users find them more helpful
  • Antenatal care