Get Involved

MVP Queen’s is always on the look out for people to get involved!

Below are some of activities we hold regularly, but do drop us a line and we can help you become involved in the most suitable area:

MVP Queen’s meetings

The MVP meets formally every two months to discuss an agreed agenda. Spaces for service users at these meetings are never limited and the meetings are well attended by senior maternity staff. Babies in arms are welcome too, especially if staff can have a cuddle!

Share your story

At every MVP meeting, we aim to have a recent (within the last 6 months) service user story. We ask the service user to describe their maternity journey, picking up on bits that might need some additional focus, either because improvements need to be made or the service was really good!

MVP Queen’s Socials

An opportunity to get together to hear updates on the MVP without coming to meetings. We’re aware that people might want to get involved but attending a meeting is often difficult. Therefore, these meetings mean that we can catch up and bounce around some ideas in a more informal setting.

Walk the Patch

MVP Queen’s frequently visits maternity services to chat to service users (new mums and dads/partners and families) to ensure that they have had a good experience. These visits generate some great up-to-date feedback, which is then passed on to the Ward Manager and the Head of Maternity.

Facebook Group

We have a private Facebook group where we discuss a number of different things and host a lot more information. If you would like to know more, visit our page!